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Latest Fanfics

The Fanfic Archive is the place where fans of anime and manga storm their brains to come out with a great story. You will find many different stories written in different styles all sorted accordingly.

To submit your fanfic, all you need to do is attached your fanfic in *.txt format and email it to The Fanfic Keeper.

Make sure to include a description as well. Also from now onwards, I'll not be accepting any multi part fanfic UNLESS you send me a completed multi part fanfic.

Videogame Fan Fiction Ring
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Original Series
Dragon Knights
The Red Dragon Project
Maboroshi no Seikai Ai no Densetsu
Vindeth Warrior AW Crystallization
Tenai Shiranai Senjo- BATTLE ON!

Anime Series
Card Captor Sakura
Devil Hunter Yohko
Dragon Ball
Final Fantasy
Fushigi Yuugi
Ghost in the Shell
Here is Greenwood
Iria : The Zeiram Animation
King of Fighters
Mahou Tsukai Tai!
Oh! My Goddess
Ranma 1/2
Record of Lodoss War
Rurouni Kenshin
Slam Dunk
Tokimeki Memorial
Tokyo Babylon
Vampire Princess Miyu
Wild Arms
Yuyu Hakusho

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