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Tattoon Master
Rating 7

Published by ADV Films
Brief Synopsis
It all started when Hibio's (our hero) mother left him and her husband in pursuit of the knowledge of the Tattoon tribe. Life threatening situation forced her to revealed that she has a son (that's Hibio) whom she's willing to betroth to Nima, the more powerful tribe leader in exchange for her life and more detail studies of their Tattoon magic. With the photo of Hibio in hand, Nima journeyed to find and convinced Hibio of her love to him. However, Hibio, since his mother's departure from his life, hated woman for their instability and irresponsibility. When Nima met him, she marked an X on his forehead signalling they are eternally married. However, another girl who secretly loves Hibio, Fujimatsu came to know of Nima's existence, hell breaks lose. Not only does Hibio have to teach Nima of their modern day life, he also have to teach her about the danger of showing her mighty Tattoon magic in front of the public. However, little did he know that with Nima's appearance in his life, more trouble is awaiting this cute couple.

This is one hillarious anime. Hibio on one hand shows that he's a woman hater, yet on the other, the things he does shows he does have a soft side. Nima knew this after a few incident and is convinced that Hibio is a good person. Another thing to note is Hibio's father, a crybaby when he sees anything related to his wife. He's a loser who doesn't even cook (Hibio's the cook at home). However, he is the one of the source of hillarious omake with his eagerness to video Hibio making out with Nima. You'll laugh and you'll slowly like Nima and Hibio for who they are. This is a good anime, unfortunately, its not getting its share of popularity and ADV Films have so far only published 1 OVA.

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