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Back > Mahou Tsukai Tai

Mahou Tsukai Tai
Rating 7

Created by ??
Brief Synopsis
Review taken from Anime Web Guide
One day, a giant cylinder-spaceship came to Earth. As it came, it wiped out an orbiting defense platform and a seaborne battle fleet. It planted itself just off the coast of Japan and sent out probes from time to time. Eventually, people got used to it. At a local school club, Sae Sawanoguchi is the newest member and she's late. Riding her bicycle and wearing a witch outfit, she rapidly becomes a traffic hazard...both from her appearance and her driving. She finally arrives at a pier where her club is meeting. This is a Magic Club and their President is determined to drive off the cylinder by using magic. The magic is real though, and Sae soon learns that she can fly...though her flying isn't any better than her bicycle riding. This is a story about an insecure young girl who believes in her sempai, and her role in the Magic Club. Lots of magic and lots of fun.

Ok..I'm lazy to provide a synopsis here. This anime has the word "cute" imprinted all over it. The bizarre love relationship is funny to watch as we see Aborutsubo (spelt correctly?) freely expressing his love to Takakura while Sae has been secretly in love with Takakura. However, Aborutsubo, being gay too have a secret admirer being Nanaka, Sae's best friend. The battle with the cylinder aliens are really funny too once Sae discover her vast magical abilities. These aliens' agenda on earth is only known to research "magic" and their main plot is only revealed in the end, thus focusing more on its character's development. Its only a short 6 OVA episode but fortunately, a TV series is already in the making!

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