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Back > Metal Fighters Miku

Metal Fighters Miku
Rating 6

Created by ??
Brief Synopsis
It's sometime in the future where Neo wrestling is becoming the latest highlights in the world of sports. On the other hand, a group of 4 teenage girls are making a name for themselves as Idol wrestlers, wrestlers that can sing. They are called "Pretty Four", consisting of Sayaka, Nana, Ginko and Miku herself. Their so called father have a dream of establishing them as teen idols. However, his old rival's daughter have to just include the Pretty four in her tournament of who is worthy of fighting the mighty Aquamarine for the world title. Miku herself is determine to do so particularly after being humiliated by Sapphire. Then come their personal trainer, Eiichi Suo who is a drunk and arrogant guy, but in truth, was the trainer of the great Aquamarine. Together, they train and overcome hardships and conflicts to reach the finals to be worthy of challenging Aquamarine for her undisputed title.

This anime is very simple yet enjoyable. The story focus around Miku and her progress to becoming the world's best girl wrestler. In the meantime, Miku and her friends have to also fulfill their so called father's (I think he's their manager) dreams of becoming popular teen idols. Miku is an average girl who just happens to be very enthusiastic about wrestling and this is there is a special something within her that might just be the answer. Fortunately, the other characters are also developed quite well especially Ginko, Aquamarine and their trainer. A light hearted anime that is enjoyable anytime, anywhere.

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