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Back > Abarishi Family

The Abarishi Family
Rating 6

Created by Go Nagai
Brief Synopsis
The anime starts off with a spectacular introduction of each family member of the Abarishi Family ala Circus style. Each member possesses special ability and talents way beyond the human abilities. And what's more is that this family is a disorganized crime syndicate which consists of only 5 members but powerful enough to destroy the rest of their competitors. However, the star of their family, the daughter and sole heir of the Abarishi family secrets have grown up. Papa Abarishi seeing this prepares a final show before disbanding the Abarishi Family so that his beloved daughter can happily marry and live a normal life. Thus he sent her to a school supposed to train young people into polite and successful adult. Unknowingly, this school is runned by the most sadistic criminals ever found and most of the students don't graduate and disappear due to unforeseen accidents. Within these walls of the school, the daughter of the Abarishi family faces thugs which are much notorious than the one she faced outside. The finale reaches a climax with the battle between the Abarishi Family (to the rescue!!) and the principal of the school. Yet, one of the students have a more sinister plan up his sleeves.

This is a funny anime in the beginning but as it goes on, the jokes decline where violence and sadness increases as we see the students being tortured under the hand of these so-called teachers. The whole story centers around the daughter of the Abarishi, Kyonosuke's teen life. She have mastered the secret technique of the seven dragons but still lack the life of a normal teenage girl. As the story goes, Kyonosuke learn about friends and love little by little. The ending leave us with a satisfied feel as we take a peek into Kyonosuke's future.

Other Works by Go Nagai
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