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    Special AG dot Com Editorial
    January 2001
    Finally another new year, another year to look forward and so many resolutions to make. Again, AG dot Com have undergone another facelift as most of you can see.

    The problem with a thoroughly new design is usually the taste of the many people who visits AG dot Com. Some will be disappointed while some will be more satisfied. However, from last year's experience and visitor feedback, it seems that quite a number of people print what they surf online.

    Hence this year, the theme for AG dot Com will be Print Friendly as you can see in most pages. However, in order to achieve such a theme, design will have to have minimum graphic and rely mostly on placement and arrangement of text which is not a simple thing to do. Simplicity is the answer to this design and I hope all of you like it. A small change from the dark black background to now a complete bright white. Any flames direct it to Ex - The Webmaster.

    More editorials here

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